New Moon: A Coming-of Age-Tale

September 3, 2016

New Moon: A Coming-of-Age Tale A new version of my book New Moon, appears this month (September 2016). New Moon is my original, core book, my story about growing up in New York, discovering my second family and their hotel in the Catskills, changing my name from Richard Towers to Richard Grossinger, and going to […]

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Amherst Class of ’66 Fiftieth Reunion Notes

June 1, 2016

Amherst Class of ’66 Fiftieth Reunion Notes   First Installment   I wanted to share some of my thoughts about our just-completed reunion, partly to help me integrate the experience, partly to keep some of the reunion spirit going. We each have our unique perspectives, so I hope that classmates will provide their own retrospectives […]

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New Moon Afterword

November 17, 2015

Afterword   New Moon has had a serpentine prepublication history—thirty-six years in all, from its first words in 1960 to its appearance as a published book in 1996, though it spent almost two-thirds of that time, 1964 to 1986, in hibernation. As readers know, I began the book in creative-writing class in October 1960, the […]

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Writing the Night Sky

July 30, 2015

Richard Grossinger Writing The Night Sky   I began The Night Sky in 1979 and finished it in 2014, but that is misleading because it was published twice in between (in 1981 and 1988) and then I did not work on it after editing the 1988 edition until 2012. Yet it is an authentic thirty-five-year […]

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Selected Facebook Posts through 2019

June 22, 2015

  I have not saved older posts except a few scattered ones that ended up in baseball notes. This is what I was able to salvage before beginning a current thread.   June 17, 2013 I’m not as much a follower of baseball or the Mets as I once was. It’s not that the team […]

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