Typos and Corrections to The Night Sky 2014 edition

by Richard Grossinger on January 30, 2015

Corrections to The Night Sky


Page 8, first line after symbol break, fourth word, change “classfied” to “classified”


Page 143, line 2, change “pit” to “celestial pit”


Page 199, line 8, change “creature” to “perturbation”


Page 211, 2 lines up, add comma after “way”: way, except


Page 223, 5 lines up, change “retch” to “throb”


Page 272, 18 lines up, changes “befogs it” to “befogs them”


Page 417, line 2, change “other portals” to “portals”


Page 417, 18 lines up, change “in other” to “from other”


Page 418, line 1, change “though one” to “one”


Page 509, line 6, change “exhausting” to “exhaustive”


Page 729, line 15, last few words. By some sort of a computer glitch, a comma disappeared and instead turned the next word into a cap and italics:

“we are not tracking. Science” should read “we are not tracking, science”



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