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by Richard Grossinger on October 23, 2012


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Up to now, this website has been a blog in the sense that my most recent post has made up the front page and stayed there until the next most recent post.  These cumulative posts are still all present on the site (to the right, see the vertical column).  For those who want to skip these notes and go directly to the most recent posts, they are the Valedictory Address delivered at my Amherst College Reunion in 2011,  my Notes for the e-book of On the Integration of Nature, and my new preface for Homeopathy: The Great Riddle.  I will now regularly update the home page with news, feelers, and outreach:

Lindy and I have rented a loft on 27th between 10th and 11th to spend and are in NYC through December 15.

All three volumes of Dark Pool of Light are now published and available.

God, Science & The Evolution of Consciousness Panel & Networking
with Howard Bloom, Richard Grossinger, Kurt Johnson, moderator Alan Steinfeld
Meta Center, 214 west 29th street, 16th floor, NYC
7:00pm – 9:45pm

These three impressive authors and presenters will give a comprehensive overview of the new paradigms of science and consciousness. Their collective understandings will weave together a new view of the universe in its present reshuffling of awareness. The event will include the panel discussion and networking, along with light refreshments later in the evening.

Some of the question we hope to discuss are:
* What is the relationship of consciousness to the cosmos?
* Where do human beings fit into the great picture of everything?
*How can science evolve to create a better understating of the nature of reality?
* Cognition plays a key role in all these authors’ most recent work: What is the common ground that we can seek to agree upon despite the diversity of opinions?
* How can we redefine the notion of God, or Universal laws of creation in terms of a new science and a new state of being?
* How is our evolution directly related to the embodiment of the potentials of the times we are living in right now?
*  How can that create a world of new realities for the overall benefit of our human family?

Howard Bloom is the author of 4 monumental works of writings: The Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century, The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism, The Lucifer Principle: a Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History. His most recent work: The God Problem: How A Godless Cosmos Creates, takes you on a scientific expedition into a cosmos that is constantly creating. One critic has suggested that The God Problem may be a great book on a par with Darwin’s Origin of the Species.

Richard Grossinger: Along with his wife, Lindy Hough, founded the publishing company North Atlantic Books. His own published works include titles on holistic medicine, cosmology, and embryology. His most recent work Dark Pool of Light, is a three-volume set, that brings together embryology and human consciousness. Richard discovered how “the embryo is the universe writing itself on its own body.“ With this he weaves together the science of “being” with psychological and spiritual views of “that single thing which is most difficult to understand: our own existence. “

Kurt Johnson is a scientist, spiritual teacher, seminary professor who co-founded, InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action and the Community of The Mystic Heart. Kurt is co-authored with David Robert Ord the forthcoming The Coming Interspiritual Age. This is the first book to review the ongoing history of world religions and spirituality in the context of developmental history, the evolutionary consciousness movement, and current scientific understandings of anthropology, human cognitive and consciousness studies.

Alan Steinfeld, moderator, has been the host of the spiritually based talk show New Realities for the past 15 years. He has interviewed many of the top leaders in the human potential movement. He feels the times that we are in now are creating vast changes in consciousness. He hopes this panel will shed some light and direction on these changes. For his latest interviews go to:

Cost: $20 in advance. MC, VISA, Discover, Checks accepted – all non-refundable).
$25 cash only at the door. To register, call META Center at 212 736 0999 Ext. 1.


Richard Grossinger, Book-Signing in New York CIty

December 6, talk and book-signing

Talk, Author Interview (by Daniel Pinchbeck), and Book-Signing for Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness, Three Volumes

Volume One: The Neuroscience, Evolution, and Ontology of Consciousness

Volume Two: Consciousness in Psychospiritual and Psychic Ranges

Volume Three: The Crisis and Future of Consciousness

McNally-Jackson Books, 52 Prince Street (between Lafayette and Mulberry); Spring Street subway stop on 6, N, R, F, V, M, D, B trains, December 6, 2012, 7 PM.


In his three-volume work Dark Pool of Light, Richard Grossinger weaves neuroscience and the phenomenology of being and reality together with psychospiritual views of “that single thing which is most difficult to understand or vindicate: our own existence.” Dark Pool of Light Volume One addresses the mystery of how subjective consciousness gets into a material universe to witness itself objectively in egoic systems. In particular, it gauges the various degrees and qualities of gap between mindedness as an experiential state and the brain as a physical object, calling out the schizophrenia of scientists who assert that consciousness is a mirage while living as if they themselves are real. Volumes Two and Three explore the remote ranges and exquisite meanings of consciousness, whether it is real or not. Volume Two leads the reader from a consideration of the psychic aspects of everyday life to engagement with energies outside the human range. Volume Three addresses mortality and the nature of evil while presenting a unified theory of the universe that includes consciousness.


Grossinger will read briefly, answer questions, and engage in a dialogue with Daniel Pinchbeck and the audience. Copies of the three newly-published books will be available.


A native of New York City (1944), Richard Grossinger attended Amherst College and the University of Michigan, receiving a BA in English (1966) and a PhD in anthropology (1975). He wrote his doctoral thesis on his

fieldwork with fishermen in Eastern Maine, after which he taught for two years at the University of Maine at Portland-Gorham and five years at Goddard College in Vermont.

With his wife, Lindy Hough, he is the co-founder and publisher of North Atlantic Books as well as its forerunner, the journal Io. His works include early books of experimental prose; a series of titles on holistic medicine, cosmology, and embryology; two memoirs; and recent books reexploring these themes, related topics, and aspects of contemporary politics and pop culture. Some of his titles are 2013: Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration; Embryogenesis: Species, Gender, and Identity; Migraine Auras: When the Visual World Fails; Planet Medicine; The Night Sky; and The Bardo of Waking Life.

He and Hough live in Berkeley, California, and Manset, Maine. Their children are Robin, a historical geographer at San Francisco Estuary Institute, and Miranda July, a writer, film director, and conceptual artist.


Daniel Pinchbeck is the co-founder of the literary magazine Open City, author of Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism and 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. He is also the co-founder of the website Reality Sandwich and the social network


Richard Grossinger, Book-Signing in Bay Area

Copperfields Books, Thursday, January 17th at 7pm in Sebastopol, California

Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness

My psychic group  meets at 7 PM on Tuesday nights in Manset when I am in Maine (the last two weeks of September and October, 2012).  Please inquire if interested. Everyone welcome. Please call 207-244-0471 for directions.


Here is a great group I have gone to see many times in Central Park:

New,  Current, and Forthcoming Publications

Migraine Auras: When the Visual World Fails; On the Integration of Nature: Post-9/11 Biopolitical Notes; Embryos, Galaxies, and Sentient Beings: How the Universe Makes Life; Homeopathy: The Great Riddle; Planet Medicine: Origins; and Planet Medicine: Modalities have all been prepared for e-books and will be coming out between December, 2012, and March, 2013. On the Integration of Nature, Homeopathy, and Planet Medicine all have new prefaces that I am also posting on this website. All the books have been corrected with minor changes throughout. The two volumes of Planet Medicine have several hundred changes combined.

The Bardo of Waking Life, 2013: Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration, and New Moon are now in e-book format and available.  For The Bardo of Waking Life, I corrected typos and added a note indicating where the gap in the book takes place during our trip to Europe (

For 2013, I corrected typos and wrote a different conclusion to my Introduction on the 2012 cosmic shift.

For New Moon, I removed the entire last section (“The Alchemical Wedding”), restoring the book to its original form.  I also returned the names of many of the people to what they actually were, fixed a confusion of narrative version early in the book, and added a note to cover sections omitted in the “Teen Tour” chapter (in the print version too, as part of the transition from Salty and Sandy, my high-school novel, to New Moon).  I also added an Afterword explaining all these changes and related issues; it is available on this website:

The one book which I am substantially rewriting for e-book format (as well as a small print version) is Out of Babylon: Ghosts of Grossinger’s. I have restored most of the material removed from its original manuscript and placed in New Moon (“The Alchemical Wedding,” as per above), I have rewritten some sections from the North Atlantic Books history on this website and placed them in the appropriate spots (replacing anecdotal snippets and lists), and I have generally edited and changed the weaker parts of the book.  I have always thought that Out of Babylon was a promising novel in a Faulknerian tradition (even if nonfiction), but it was unfinished and flawed.  The e-book opportunity has given me at shot at fixing that.  I am  presently looking for proofreaders and feedback on the draft, so write me if you are interested and willing.

New Book

Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness:

The Convergence of Physical, Philosophical, Psychological, Psychospiritual, and Psychic Views

Table of Contents


Volume One

The Neuroscience, Evolution, and Ontology of Consciousness


Chapter One: What the Fuck is This?

Chapter Two: The Scientific View of Reality and Consciousness

Chapter Three: Consciousness: Everything and Nothing

Chapter Four: Degrees of Consciousness: Protoconsciousness, Preconsciousness, and the Freudian Unconscious

Chapter Five: Systemic Consciousness: Nonconsciousness and the Loss of Consciousness

Chapter Six: Qualia or Zombies?

Chapter Seven: Consciousness as an Emergent Phenomenon: The Psycholinguistics and Phylogenesis of Meaning

Chapter Eight: The Quantum Brain

Chapter Nine: The Ontology and Cosmology of Consciousness

Chapter Ten: The Subtexts of Science

Deleted Scenes


Volume Two


Chapter One: Theosophy and the Hermetic Tradition

Chapter Two: Psychic Tools

Chapter Three: We Are Already Psychic

Chapter Four: The Seven Planes of Consciousness: Human Home Energy

Chapter Five: The Seven Planes of Consciousness: Frequencies Above the Range of Ordinary Experience

Chapter Six: The Seven Planes of Consciousness: Tuning Outside the Axis of Human Home Energy

Chapter Seven: Surfing the Operation of the Real

Chapter Eight: Focusing on What Is Happening

Chapter Nine: Buddhism and Theosophy: A Comparison


Volume Three

Movement Three

The Crisis and Future of Consciousness


Chapter One: Demonic Entities and Their Symbols of Transformation

Chapter Two: Fear Has an Intelligence

Chapter Three: How Did Evil Get into the Universe?

Chapter Four: One Encounter, One Chance

Chapter Five: Converting Thoughtforms and Riding Synchronicity: Roses, Tarot Cards, and Scapula Bones

Chapter Six: Family Constellations

Chapter Seven: The Cosmic Eternity System

Chapter Eight: We Are In Existence



My Wife: Lindy Hough had a new collection of selected poems come out in the spring of 2011.  It is her first book since 1976 and is called Wild Horses, Wild Dreams. Check it out:

It also has a video trailer:

My Daughter: Miranda July’s new movie is The Future:

My Son: Robin Grossinger is writing a book on Napa County for University of California Press publication in spring 2012: Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas.

My Son-in-Law: Mike Mills’ new movie is Beginners:





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