Addendum: North Atlantic Books Grants for 2007

by Richard Grossinger on March 14, 2010

North Atlantic Books Grants for 2007

YEAH, Youth Emergency Assistance Hostel, Berkeley, California, for housing and feeding homeless youth and youth at risk: $2500.

What If? Foundation, Berkeley, Calfiornia, for providing meals to children in Haiti, $2500.

Whole Health Center, Town Hill, Maine, for developing health-awareness and self-treatment programs through community education, $4000.

WERU, Blue Hill, Maine, general support for listener-sponsored alternative radio covering Eastern Coastal Maine, $2500.

Milo Foundation, Albany, California, providing sanctuary and adoption services for homeless pets throughout Northern California, $4000.  This donation is made in the name of Audrey Colman, illustrator of Walter the Farting Dog, out of publisher’s profits from her book.

COSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 540 West 27th Street, New York, New York, for relocation of the chapel’s museum, including Alex Grey’s paintings, to a new home, $3500.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Juno Beach, Florida, for medical supplies for treating rescued sea turtles, $4000.  This donation is made in the name of John and Lisa Upledger and the Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, copublishers with North Atlantic Books of books on craniosacral therapy, out of our publisher’s profits from their books.

Emma’s Revolution, Mount Rainier, Maryland, for documentation of lyrics, music, ceremonies, and narratives behind their folk songs and performances, $4000.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, San Diego, California, toward planting of trees at homeless shelters, public schools, drug-rehab centers, animal sanctuaries, and Native American reservations, $2000.  This donation is made in the name of nutrition author David Wolfe out of profits from his books.

I Have A Dream Foundation – East Oakland, toward sponsoring the later education of children housed in the Lion Creek Crossings and Lockwood Gardens housing projects, $4000.

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